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RIPE NCC Roundtable Brussels 2019 Attendee List

Last name First name Organisation Country Status
Bauer-Bulst Cathrin European Commission BE Checked in
Bos Tjabbe European Commission - DG HOME BE Checked in
Buckridge Chris RIPE NCC Checked in
Bumbálková Zina Ministry of Industry and Trade CZ Checked in
Bürger Constanze Min. of the interior Germany DE Checked in
Dee William European Commission BE
De Haan Thomas European Commission BE Checked in
Dragomir Florin ANCOM RO Checked in
Dziuba Sergiy NCCIR UA
Faccinetto Philippe BIPT BE
Fragkouli Athina RIPE NCC Checked in
Hammarlund Christer European Commission BE
Hogewoning Marco RIPE NCC Checked in
Holen Hans Petter RIPE Chair Checked in
Jorissen Albert BIPT BE
Kommers Piet University of Twente NL
Kronwall Jeanette the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority SE Checked in
Leaning Richard RIPE NCC GB Checked in
Liman Lars-Johan Netnod SE
Lingris Stavros European Parliament / CERT-EU BE
Malaja Polina CENTR BE Checked in
Marcolla Sara Europol NL Checked in
Mastilovic Aleksandar Communications Regulatory Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina BA Checked in
Monti Cristina European Commission BE
Olausson Kristina ETNO BE Checked in
Pawlik Axel RIPE NCC Checked in
Pediaditis Nikolas RIPE NCC Checked in
Petersen Finn Danish Business Authority DK Checked in
Schaa Tahar German Ministry of interior DE Checked in
Singer Christian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology AT Checked in
Souissi Samih Arcep FR Checked in
Spinaci Stefano European Parliament BE
Stafyla Maria RIPE NCC Checked in
Stergiopoulos Antony RIPE NCC Checked in
Stien Frank Norwegian Communications Authority NO Checked in
Strzyżewski Piotr RIPE NCC Executive Board PL Checked in
Tarpey Patrick OFCOM GB Checked in
Taylor Suzanne RIPE NCC Checked in
Trenaman Nathalie RIPE NCC Checked in
Tselentis Georgios Europeam Commission DG CONNECT BE Checked in
Tuliev Maksym Ukrainian Internet Association UA Checked in
van Berne Gwen RIPE NCC Checked in
van Merkom Simon Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy NL Checked in
Van Roste Peter CENTR BE Checked in
Vinci Francesco EU Commission BE Checked in
von Bornstaedt Falk RIPE NCC DE Checked in
Vos Alexandra RIPE NCC Checked in